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Pinch Valve

Pinch Valve

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Manual Pinch Valves

Pinch valve is a Seat-less & Glandless valve

Pinch valve is a modified version of Iaboratory pinchcock. A rubber sleeve is protected under a body made from cast iron, aluminum casting. The sen/ice material / fluid passing through does not come in contact with either body covering or any other metal parts of the valve except the rubber sleeve / muff and hence the body and other metal parts are almost permanently not subjected to the corrosive action of the fluid. The flow through the valve is straight and full as that of a pipeline, when the valve is fully open. Further, the collar of the sleeve eliminates use of any gasket. The valve having simple rising spindle type operation makes the valve just simple as other wheel operated valve. The in-between stoppage will allow the desired throttling and Pinch valve thus offers positive control over flowing media.

Features :

  • Seat - less & glandless valves
  • Field replaceable elastomer sleeve / muff
  • Rubber sleeve / muff has four reinforced lugs
  • Flanged ends & drilled to DN, ANSI, BS - 10, IS, etc.
  • This valve incorporates all design modification based on our experience & is of sturdy construction & good quality finishing to handle abrasive and corrosive.


Available in Reinforced Natural, Neoprene, Silicon, SBR, Hypalon, Butyl, EPDM etc.


As per DIN, ANSI, BS-10 etc.

Pneumatic Pinch Valves


Pinch valve finds its best application in handling corrosive slurry, abrasive media, liquid with solid suspensions and many others, which are difficult to handle with seat valve. Pinch valves are also best suited for Vacuum service


The flange of the pinch valve can be supplied in accordance to BS, DIN, ASA & IS dimensions. The range for the valve is from 15 mm TO 300 mm. Higher size range can also be developed on request.


The valve can be supplied with Electrical, Pneumatic & Hydraulic actuation other than manual operated hand wheel.


Preliminary Precaution:

On receipt of the valve please check the position of the valve, as it is advisable to keep the valve in fully opened condition. Also check the position of the travel limit nut, if found loose then tighten the set screw of the nut.


The valve can be installed without any gasket unless ir is required for some specific purpose. Tighten the nut of the flanges evenly & equally, but avoid too much tightening. After installation check the free movement of the upper & lower pinching bar by opening & closing the valve. The valve is then ready for the service it is installed for.


For manual operated Pinch valve: If the valve is found leaking through the seat after spmetime even though in fully closed condition, then set the travel limit nut by just taking it 1 or 2 threads above & then tighten. This will allow more room for traveling of rubber sleeve & ensure the valve to zero leakage.

For Pneumatic operated Pinch Valve : If the valve is found leaking through the seat after sometime even though in fully closed condition, then set the pneumatic cylinder stroke length by adjusting connector between piston rod and spindle clamp

Dismantling the valve & replacing rubber sleeve / muff : When the rubber sleeve is ruptured or totally worn out then it is to be replaced with a new one. In this case first dismantle the valve by following the instructions.

  • Remove the hand wheel in case of manual operated valve and remove cylinder from the connector by un screwing the piston thread
  • Open the Tie Bar huts.
  • Disconnect the spindle from the Horseshoe connection and remove it completely with the bridge.
  • For manual operated pinch valve, REMEMBER not to temper the set screw of the yoke bush, unless if required it should be completely tight.
  • Open & remove the nuts & bolts of the split body of the valve.
  • Remove the screw of the lugs from both the pinching bars.
  • Now fit the new rubber sleeve & reverse the operation to assemble the complete valve.

Remember : It is advisable to keep a spare rubber sleeve / muff for maintenance purpose, considering the self life of the Rubber as six months when packed & stored in dark. The Pinch valves should be stored in fully open condition only. We also offer complete spares of the valves; hence the valves shall never be scrapped. We sincerely request you to place your order 1 - 2 weeks in advance.

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